On Monday we learnt from Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser which Coronavirus will likely never disappear as well as a vaccine will not stop it entirely. In addition, he stated that ministers and specialists should cease’over-promising’ and be realistic about the prospects of a disease as well as the probable timeline of a single, improbable before spring next year.

Then he echoed his previous warnings and those of his colleague Professor Chris Whitty the COVID-19 struggle is going to be a long one, and it’s going to be with us for great.

Thus, from this if we presume there’s not any’silver bullet’ to get COVID-19 infections?

Imagine if there were just one remedy that:

  • Can stop the disease in its tracks,
  • Was anti inflammatory; restraining the immune system’s reaction to the disease and preventing it from overreacting dangerously,
  • In cases where patients developed secondary bacterial infections in the lungs can supercharge antibiotics; fostering their effectiveness and eve,
  • Was a repurposed drug; currently known as secure

Was simple to create, scalable in the amount necessary to really make a gap in the pandemic and was cost effective, then would not that be something we need to be getting excited about?

Well, you heard it here – this type of’silver bullet’ remedy does exist now. It is named Nylexa®, by the little UK biotech firm NovaBiotics Ltd.. It has active ingredients are safely utilized in medications that treat unrelated ailments for more than 30 decades.

NovaBiotics found Nylexa’s possible benefits in COVID-19 after a decade of study in hard to deal with, drug-resistant ailments, for example, intricate chest infections and inflammation related to cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease. In March they employed to get a 1m grant in Innovate UK (representing the authorities ) to begin clinical trials. That grant was eventually granted earlier this month, along with the authorities are now contemplating whether to add Nylexa on two different NHS stage studies.

However, I hear you ask, if that is so great have we never heard about it earlier? Why are the authorities and the media not yelling about this from the rooftops? How come this is not being compulsory by clinicians dire for successful remedies for their patients?

I am scared to sayit all boils down to cash. Small biotech firms find it hard to get attention since they don’t possess the tools available for their bigger funded rivals. The titles we read about frequently in regards to earth breaking new remedies are always large multi-national pharmaceutical firms with deep pockets and large budgets to market their own wares. They make sure their drugs receive the necessary attention. NovaBiotics is a tiny private company financed by a group of faithful and inviting shareholders so sadly do not have the funds to compete for attention with all the big boys.

That’s why this scenario is indeed frustrating. In simplifying the health implications of contracting COVID-19, Nylexa® can increase public assurance of living with the virus to its longer term and possibly permit a higher level of normality to go back to the manner in which we reside, benefiting the market right along with easing COVID-19’s burden on the NHS and healthcare systems internationally. Yet getting folks in places of influence to take note among most of others competing to get their focus is quite challenging indeed.

It’s noted that there are hundreds and hundreds of possible COVID-19 remedies in clinical trials throughout the world. I’d challenge anybody to show me which has the exact same potential for positive effect as Nylexa®, nevertheless this isn’t now part of any offense, despite its impeccable credentials. So come on UK Government, and ministers, get your finger out and find this medication into trials instantly. The sooner it has analyzed, the earlier it may be employed to sort out the clutter that the pandemic has brought to our lifetimes.