America is a very, partisan, political country, where, for several decades, has become- more, thus! While there are generally, many manners, to move, which could make sense, particular topics, have to transcend these politics, even if, we want to stay, the land of the free, and also the voice, to get equal justice, and individual rights, during, the planet! Shouldn’t our people, and elected officers, place Americans, first, and function and reflect, our best interests, instead of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – attention? Regrettably, in the last several decades, we’ve seen, an over – usage, of political tags (which, frequently, are not accurate, purposeful, or function some authentic purpose), instead of, having public talks, which are likely, well – past – since! Bearing that in mind, this guide will try to, temporarily, consider, analyze, review, and talk, 5 items/regions, that deserve and need, more focus, on support, representation, compassion, and searching for a meeting – of – the – minds, for your larger good.

1. Public health and safety: What can, and should, be more significant than, the best, public health, and security? Regrettably, for the last year, we observed, what happens, as it sounds, our people leaders (or, at least, specific, powerful, people), have been, possibly, not prepared, prepared, and/ or, able to reevaluate that! If a country, that frequently, believes, itself, that the best, in the Earth, think about quality, health care, and health care/ insurance, be, only, potential, and also a privilege, or, a true right? Statistics, obviously, indicate, particular minority groups, and lower socio-economical, implies, have endured, more, compared to the rest of those! With, about 4.5percent of the planet’s population, what exactly does it say, that, the USA, has undergone, roughly 25 percent of those cases, and 20 percent of those deaths? Ever since, over 500,000 Americans, have, today, expired, from this outbreak, does not make this type of non – partisan, priority, make sense?

2. Constitutional guarantees: How do we brag – around, our amazing, Constitution, should / when, we do not protect, and ensure, each of the rights, and liberty, rather than, only, selectively, doing this? Is not it hypocritical, to need the obscure, 2nd Amendment Rights (to the max), when, trampling a number of the 1st Amendment, ones? This state must shield, all rights, rights, and also the idea of equal justice, for – all!

3. Living conditions: Should not we better than we’re about, ensuring, all Americans, dwelt, insecure, quality, dwelling circumstances, which supplied, clean water and air, warmth (and warm water), and security?

4. Medical therapy/health insurance: How do we supply, quality health care, for all (no matter the incomes, etc), unless/ until we reform the way our healthcare system, functions, and prices, linking with quality health insurance? Those, who refer to health, as socialist (normally, misusing these conditions), either do not care or recognize, we are the sole country, at the free world, that does not supply, some type of protection, for all!

5. Equal treatment: Shouldn’t our citizens, get, equal treatment, and justice? Simply, attempting to deny, the existence of systemic racism, does not make it go away!